Beautiful Concrete: In All Shapes and Sizes

Concrete:  For increasing the value of your home, consider using concrete for sidewalks, driveways, and patios.  For property resale value, it lasts longer than other surface materials and provides a good return on investment.

Concrete is much better than a muddy driveway and walkway. A home’s appearance is appealing with concrete a driveway and sidewalks. Installing poured concrete costs approximately $6-$12 per square foot (sq. ft.). For curb appeal, use stamped concrete which costs $10-$15 per sq. ft. Concrete pavers: $13-$20 per sq. ft.


Concrete Patios:  To install a poured concrete patio, you should expect that, for just the concrete, the installation cost will be approximately $3 per sq. ft. and up to $8 per sq. ft. The additional expense may be added for geographical region, multiple levels, thickness, pattern, stains, coloring, size, and shape of the patio. A solid investment for any homeowner, concrete is a smooth durable surface that provides many years of use outlasting other types of patio surfaces. However, it does have its drawbacks. During the winter months, concrete can become a slippery surface. Over the years, due to harsh weather conditions, like ice and snow, and with repeated use of salt on the surface, concrete will eventually crack or flake.


Concrete Driveways:  If you live in a cold climate, nothing is nicer than a smooth driveway surface. Shoveling snow off of a concrete driveway is much easier than off of a gravel or dirt driveway. Concrete driveways are great for the smooth surface, the curb appeal, good return on investment, and long-lasting surface. Pouring concrete for a two-car driveway of 16 ft. wide by 38 ft. long, which is approximately 610 sq. ft., without excavation, slopes, curves, texturing, patterns, color or other embellishments, will cost about $3,100 which is about $5 per sq. ft. The cost is offset by curb appeal and years of enjoyment driving on a smooth concrete driveway. It is great to have a smooth driveway surface for a weekend yard sale.

Concrete Walkways and sidewalks:  Today, there is a lot that can be done with concrete walkways and sidewalks.  Homeowners still enjoy the use of a plain concrete sidewalk. Not just for kids anymore, people love to do sidewalk chalk art on the smooth concrete surface. Wouldn’t you rather walk on smooth concrete than on dirt or gravel? Now, sidewalks can have all types of patterns and colors added to them. It really adds to a home’s curb appeal and resale value. A smooth concrete surface is safer than dirt or gravel walkways. Depending upon the thickness, width, and length of the sidewalk or walkway, not including sloping, designs, coloring, texturing, a 200 linear foot by 4 ft. wide and 3-inch thickness, with rebar, wire mesh, and sand base, will cost approximately $9.53 per linear foot. If you want to upgrade with colors and embossing, add about $1.75 per foot. Depending on the region, climate, and market price fluctuations, the labor cost may increase per hour which adds to the overall installation cost.

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